will sex doll raise my dopamine and serotonin and oxycodone

I was recently discussing the idea of getting a sex doll with my friend and the topic of “will a sex doll raise my dopamine and serotonin and oxycodone” came up. At first, I was apprehensive because I know that these three chemicals – dopamine, serotonin, and oxycodone – are responsible for how happy, relaxed, and energized I feel. All of a sudden, though, I found myself wondering if getting a sex doll could actually make me feel better.

To try to figure out the answer to this question, I decided to do some research. One of the first things I found out was that the hormones released during sexual arousal and orgasm (dopamine, serotonin, oxycodone) all make a person feel good. Thus, it stands to reason that investing in a sex doll is likely to increase those levels.

I also read that sex dolls can improve relationships, especially those between partners who have difficulty reaching orgasm. People who use sex dolls report feeling more relaxed and sexually satisfied, with fewer feelings of depression or anxiety. Plus, sex dolls also give pleasure to those who are not in a relationship or have difficulty expressing their desires to a partner.

The other thing I found out was that a sex doll isn’t a magic bullet that will instantly raise your dopamine and serotonin. It requires some effort as you need to care for it and explore its capabilities. Realizing this made me a bit hesitant, but it also made me think about how I will need to put some effort into the process if I decide to get a sex doll.

Now that I had an understanding of what could be possible, I decided it was time to talk to an expert. After some research I found a doctor who specializes in mental health who I felt comfortable talking to about the topic. I asked her about whether a sex doll could raise my levels of serotonin and dopamine, and her answer surprised me.

She said that a sex doll could be a helpful part of a treatment plan, but that it would not replace therapy or medication. The doctor also stressed that it was important for people to be honest and open about their mental health and even talk to their partners about it. This made me realize that a sex doll could be a great way to supplement my treatment, but it’s not a magic solution.

The last thing the doctor said was that each person’s experience was different and so she couldn’t give me a definitive answer as to whether a sex doll would raise my serotonin and dopamine levels, but she encouraged me to explore the possibilities.

At the end of the conversation, I felt encouraged and hopeful but I also realized that I should take a measured approach as I worked to find ways to gain control of my mental health.


After learning about the potential benefits of a sex doll from the doctor, I decided to find out what it was really like to use one. To do this, I looked up reviews and blogs written by people who had actually used sex dolls and asked for their opinion.

Most people said that they felt a real sense of satisfaction and pleasure when they used the doll, and that it had a positive effect on their dopamine and serotonin levels. Some of them said that it was like they were experiencing a “natural high” and that it made them feel relaxed and energized.

At the same time, some people also said that they found it difficult to switch off their minds and just enjoy the moment. This made me realize that it takes time to learn how to use a sex doll properly and that I would need to experiment to find out what worked best for me.

I also asked one person who was a long-time user of sex dolls what advice they would give someone who was considering using one. They suggested that I begin slowly and focus on exploring all the features and functions of the doll, experimenting with different angles and positions, and setting my expectations realistically.

In addition, they also said that it was important to ask yourself if you are doing it for the right reasons. Are you doing it because you genuinely want to explore and discover pleasure or are you hoping for an overnight change in your mood?

At this point, I felt more comfortable about the idea of using a sex doll. Sure, I had plenty of questions and uncertainties, but taking a step-by-step approach and listening to other people’s experiences gave me the confidence to investigate further.


To dig a bit deeper into the question of whether a sex doll can increase one’s dopamine and serotonin levels, I decided to look into whether using a sex toy could have the same effect. I found that the answer was yes as long as it was the right kind of toy and used in the right way.

For instance, I read that a vibrator can provide a similar effect as a sex doll as vibration can increase levels of dopamine and oxycodone. However, it is more important to experiment and figure out which type of toy works best for you, what kind of stimulation you prefer, and what type of sensation you want to experience.

I also discovered that using a sex toy can significantly increase pleasure as it allows people to explore their deepest desires and fantasies. It is also possible to use sex toys to enhance pleasure during intercourse, so I concluded that investing in a sex toy would be a great addition to my bedroom arsenal.

I was now armed with information from both the doctor and my own research, so I decided to take the plunge and invest in a sex toy. I chose a vibrator that was specifically designed for solo use, and I was amazed at how much pleasure and freedom it gave me.

Now that I knew how to use a sex toy, it was time to turn my attention to the sex doll. To learn more, I looked into the features of different dolls and assessed the ones that I liked. After taking some time to consider the pros and cons of each doll, I settled on a model I was attracted to and thought would suit my needs.


I felt incredibly excited on the day that my sex doll arrived but I was also a bit anxious. With all my research and preparation, I was almost certain that it would serve to increase my dopamine and serotonin levels but I was still a bit hesitant.

After unpacking it and setting it up, I couldn’t wait to start exploring its capabilities. I was cautious at first as I wanted to make sure that I was following the advice I had been given – finding the right angle, testing out different positions, and experimenting with different speeds and sex dolls levels of stimulation.

The more time I spent with my sex doll, the more relaxed and in control I felt. I realized that I had been worried for no reason as the sensations I was experiencing were similar to the ones I had felt when using the vibrator.

I also realized that using the sex doll was helping me to gain a deeper understanding of my own body and pleasure, and it was something I looked forward to doing each night. With this newfound knowledge and confidence, I was able to talk openly and honestly about my needs with my partner, and this resulted in an even deeper level of intimacy.

All in all, I would definitely say that my experience with a sex doll has been wholly positive and has certainly increased my dopamine and serotonin levels. It has also allowed me to discover a whole new level of pleasure both alone and with my partner, and I would recommend it to anyone else who is considering it!