what countries are sex toys illegal

Hi there, you won’t believe what I just read about! Around the world, there are some countries where sex toys are banned. Can you imagine? It’s absolutely absurd. What kind of government would insist on regulating our bedrooms so harshly?

Online Sex Toys Shop In Pak Kret | +66 971358956Let me give you a little bit more context on why this is an issue, and why it is so important for us to talk about it. In Singapore, it is illegal to import, sell, or manufactures sex toys. In the United Arab Emirates, anything considered indecency is illegal, and that includes the sale of sex toys. In Singapore, an adult can be arrested for merely possessing an item of ‘indecency’. So, if someone is found with a sex toy, they can be arrested and charged with a crime.

The same is true for India, sex dolls where sex toys are still very much banned. However, some strides have been made since 2001 when the Supreme Court of India ruled that selling sex toys was legal. But, the catch is that the onus is on the buyer to prove that they are buying it for ‘medically therapeutic’ purposes. In other words, if you are caught buying a sex toy in India, you are expected to explain why exactly you are buying it and can be arrested if you fail to do so.

It really makes me wonder why these governments have decided to regulate our bedroom activities so severely. Shouldn’t we as adults have the right to make our own informed decisions when it comes to our sex lives? We should have the right to explore our sexuality with the products and tools that help us and bring us pleasure.

In a similar vein, many countries have outlawed the sale of sexual items such as lube, condoms and other items because of alleged indecency. In Bahrain, for example, condoms are banned from being sold in retail stores for ‘religious and ethical’ reasons. And yet, there are still no laws on the books in Bahrain that prevent the importation of these items. While the government may have deemed these items as immoral, there’s no denying that they play a vital role in preventing the spread of STIs and HIV.

It’s beyond me why governments think they can dictate what we can and can’t do in our own bedrooms. I just can’t fathom how any government could make it illegal for us to purchase and use these items. Sex Toys provide us with an opportunity to explore our own sexuality and to discover what we find most pleasurable and empowering. It should be our right to be able to learn more about our own bodies and explore our own desires, without fear of judgment or Penis Rings punishment.

What do you think? Are there any countries you know of that have sex toy bans? How do you think we should tackle these issues? I’d love to hear your thoughts.