vudu doll sex

Vudu Doll Sex! Whoa, I never heard of that before, that’s quite naughty! People often believe that sex is all about unprotected physical pleasure, but Vudu Doll Sex is taking it to another level- a spiritual level!

Vudu Doll Sex is said to be a form of Tantra Sex that is rooted in Shamanism and Penis Rings Cuban spiritual traditions. When two people have Vudu Doll Sex – they enter a trance where they meld both physical and spiritual realms together. It is said that the ritual is meant to awaken the dormant energies that are stuck in our bodies.

The ritual starts with the two participants spreading a clean white cloth on the ground. They then place small Vudu Dolls of various colors on the cloth, each representing positive and negative energies flowing through them. Then the participants light a white candle and lay down side by side on the cloth and place the palms of their hands together. They begin by breathing deeply until they synchronize their breathing.

The goal is to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere to help relax the mind, body, and soul. To achieve this, they focus on the positive energies, letting them relax their mind and body and allowing their souls to mingle. I have to admit that it does sound quite therapeutic. I mean, who among us doesn’t experience anxiety and self-doubt? After all, when we can align our minds, bodies, and souls, we can gain a deeper and more profound understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The two participants then take turns reciting the sacred mantra, “He-Sih, He-Sih, He-Sih”. This is meant to open up their hearts and connect them with the energies and spirits that will surround them during the ritual. Finally, when they feel the energies between them flowing, they deepen their breathing and focus on each other more intensely. This is their final act of unification, where they come together and become one.

Now here is where things become interesting – the participants then start to move their hands around each other’s bodies and exchange energy, creating a unique sexual experience. It is said that this form of spiritual energy makes one more open to sexual pleasures. They then make love, creating an even greater union between them.

At this point, they can both choose to step deeper into the spiritual realm, or remain in the physical realm. This broadcast of energy is said to help them unlock their true potential and reveal their deepest desires. This way, Vudu Doll Sex offers both physical and spiritual pleasure.

The next step involves chanting the sacred mantra even louder, while focusing on the positive energy and emotions being released. At this point, the energy between the two participants is so intense, Penis Rings that they can feel sparks radiating between them.

Once the energy reaches its peak, they can choose to either keep going and transform into a higher spiritual level, or to bring the energy back inwards and ground themselves. Regardless of which path they choose though, participants always report feeling exhausted, yet blissfully content after the ritual.

From what I’ve gathered, experiencing Voodoo Doll Sex can be both incredibly liberating, and deeply spiritually awakening. I’d love to give it a try one day, but I also believe that in order to reap the full benefits, one needs to have a willing and open-minded partner to do so. From what I hear, it can be quite the experience!