The other day, I was talking to one of my closest female friends and the topic of male masturbation while women watch videos came up.​ I was totally intrigued and wanted to learn more.​ She had previously watched such a video with her boyfriend and offered to share the same experience with me.​

At first, I was nervous.​ I never thought I would even consider engaging in something like this.​ But, I realized it was something I had never done before and I was interested in experimenting.​ So, dildos I decided to give it a go.​

We went online and began searching for videos that were specifically catered to our tastes.​ After a few hours of searching, we finally found one that seemed perfect.​

The video showed a man masturbating while a woman watched from afar.​ The experience was definitely crazy and intense, to say the least.​ The man was visibly aroused and the woman was clearly enjoying the exhibition.​

I must admit, I was a bit nervous.​ I had never seen a video like this before and the lack of physical contact was kind of odd.​ As the man went along with his business, I was both aroused and curious.​ I wanted to learn more about the woman’s reaction, so I asked my friend.​

She laughed and told me that the woman was just as aroused as the man.​ Although it may seem strange at first, she said that it was perfectly normal and natural.​ Apparently, this type of thing happens all the time and it is surprisingly enjoyable for both parties involved.​

I was astounded.​ I thought I would feel awkward and out of place, but it was quite the opposite.​ I found the experience to be liberating and empowering.​ I felt connected to the woman in the video.​ It was almost as if we had a silent understanding that I had never felt before.​

My friend and vibrators I chatted more about the experience and we both agreed that even though it was different from what we usually do, it was still nice.​ We both agreed that male masturbation while women watch videos can, in fact, be pleasurable and interesting.​

After my experience, I began to explore the genre even further.​ Interestingly, some people watch videos that are meant to arouse their audience and others watch ones that provide a voyeuristic experience.​ I even found some videos where both the man and the woman are engaging in foreplay.​

My friend and I already knew that we wanted a more voyeuristic experience, so we continued to search for one.​ After a while, we located a video that featured couples engaging in foreplay.​ It was a different dynamic than the previous video, but it was still enjoyable.​

The couple was engaging in some light kissing and caressing.​ I must admit, it was nicer to watch a couple interact rather than just one person alone.​ I felt more connected to the video and it was a bit more erotic than the solo videos.​

I learned from this experience that there is something to be said about the thrill of voyeurism.​ Watching someone else’s intimate moments can be beneficial and exciting.​ Sometimes, it is nice to see two people interact with each other rather than just one.​

Furthermore, I found that watching these videos provided me with more insight into the world of male masturbation.​ It was interesting to observe the male arousal process up close and personal.​ I was able to learn more about the experience and understand it better.​

After the video was over, I thought about all the things my friend had said.​ She was right -male masturbation while women watch videos can be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.​ I also discovered that it can provide great insight into male arousal and provide a heightened sense of voyeuristic pleasure.​

Overall, I am thankful for the experience and would definitely do it again.​ I never knew that male masturbation while women watch videos could be so enjoyable.​ I now know that it is something that I can look forward to if I ever want to change things up.​