So, quarantine has been a wild ride and it’s been a while since I’ve started being conscious about the fact that I’m in this situation.​ The weird thing is that I haven’t been that lonely.​.​.​ Until recently.​ It started out with me feeling like something was missing, and then I realized.​ It was, like, a huge wake up call.​ I didn’t realize I was missing male masturbation until I started isolating.​

I mean, it wasn’t like I would go out and do it on the daily, but it was something I would do to, you know, release any tension I had built up and it would be a nice break between tasks.​

So when I found myself stranded in my crib, I started getting antsy and was like “What the heck am I supposed to do about this situation?”

Well, for starters – I stopped trying to force it.​ Instead of rushing into an organically jerky situation, I took time to really think about what I should be doing.​

For instance, vibrators I started reading articles and speaking to people with similar interests to figure out what approach is best.​

Luckily, I stumbled across some tips and tricks that seemed to work for me.​

First and foremost, I set up my living space to reflect the vibe I wanted to have when doing the deed.​ What I mean by this is I made sure the lighting was cozy, the A/C was just right and the volume of my music was low enough to keep me relaxed and focused, but not too much to where I couldn’t hear myself.​

After that, I took more time researching new techniques and began experimenting with different ways of getting myself off.​

Ultimately, vibrators I began looking for activities to try that wouldn’t involve anything uncomfortable or strange.​ I tried activities like sensual massages.​ I found it really helped with calming down and provided relief without the need to actually masturbate.​

Additionally, I also explored other methods of satisfaction, like seeking out adult content, safely of course, that still kept me aroused without engaging in anything physical.​

And finally, I made an effort to try and take some of the focus off of myself and instead focus on the other people in my life.​ Friends, family, partners, etc.​ I started looking for ways to make them happy and by doing so made myself feel happy.​

Love Doll 136cm With small Breast silicone sex dolls Realistic Sexy Products For Men Vaginal ...On the whole, this whole pandemic has put pressure on me to find new ways of satisfying myself in a new and unique way.​ It’s been a largely rewarding journey, however, I’m curious to see if the rest of you have gone through the same process and what strategies have you come up with to deal with quarantine male masturbation?