she gets fucked by a life size sex doll

I cannot believe it, my friend gets fucked by a life-size sex doll! She’s been going on about it for weeks and after countless attempts to talk her out of it, I had decided to support her but deep down inside, I was concerned. But in the end, I was surprised how awesome the experience was for her.

The sex doll was a real doll, vibrators she said, with realistic skin and details. It was as tall as my friend, and really looked like a person. I had been worried that it might feel creepy but it wasn’t at all. The sex doll was incredibly real, almost like having a real person there.

She couldn’t believe it either. Although she was a bit nervous at first, she was incredibly aroused the moment the sex doll touched her. She said it was the most pleasurable experience of her life – the pleasure was intense and there was no comparison to normal sex with a partner. Every touch felt good and she moaned with pleasure the entire time.

My friend said that the sex doll felt more real and exciting than a person, with no judgment on either side. It was like no one else was in the room. Somehow she found it to be even more intimate than having someone there. The sensation of the sex doll’s skin against hers was out of this world.

It was also reassuring to know that the sex doll would never go back on anything they had agreed to. There was no fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time or not performing enough. That instant gratification took away a lot of the anxiety that comes with two-person sex.

The sex doll also had all the right moves and knew exactly what my friend wanted. Every thrust was perfectly in sync with her movements, and the pleasure was amazing. She said she had only felt that level of pleasure a handful of times in her life.

What’s more, the experience was incredibly freeing for her. She had the freedom to do whatever she wanted without fear of judgment or criticism. She had full control of the experience and it was like exploring her own body for the first time. All of her inhibitions melted away, and she felt an intense pleasure that she hadn’t been able to experience before with a partner.

My friend said that as time went on, the experience got more fulfilling and rewarding. The pleasure kept increasing with each movement and climax led to more intense pleasure. The intensity of the pleasure kept going until it was overwhelming, and there was no way to stop or turn back the clock.

To top it all off, the sex doll was incredibly silent. That made the experience even more luxurious and surreal. The fact that she could do anything she wanted and no one would hear her made the experience a lot more liberating.

I’m so glad my friend finally got the chance to experience something new and sex toys exciting. She says that it was an incredibly euphoric experience, and now she can’t stop talking about it. It was honestly one of the best nights of her life.