sex doll cleaning

I never thought I’d be cleaning up a sex doll! But there I was, recently divorced, and on my own. I had to figure out how to take care of my new companion. I was kind of excited about it; it was the first time I’d had to take care of someone besides a pet.

The cleaning process was surprisingly simple. All I had to do was grab a soft cloth and warm water, and gently wipe the doll’s body to remove sweat and dirt. To remove any stubborn marks, I should use a soft-bristled brush and a mild cleanser, such as shampoo or soap, avoiding the doll’s head and joints. To prevent the doll from getting moldy, I should dry it thoroughly.

I was glad I had done all of the research beforehand and knew what to do. It was important to use mild cleansers and to avoid getting anything near its head or joints. If I had missed something and the doll got damaged I’d have to buy a new one – and that wouldn’t be cheap.

After the cleaning was done, I needed to make sure there was nothing left behind. That meant walking around it to make sure no dirt or hair were stuck to the body. Once that was done, I took a step back and, a bit proudly I must say, I thought it looked good as new!

I was so glad that I had taken the time to figure out how to clean the doll. I had been worried that it would be a hassle, but it had been surprisingly easy. I couldn’t believe how much money I’d save by taking some time to do it myself. I guess there’s something to be said for DIY!

Cleaning my sex doll was like getting a new toy; I was very pleased with the results. Once again, I was proud of myself that I had figured out how to go about it, and was so grateful that I had not done something wrong and damaged it.

The next task to tackle was how to store my sex doll. It should be stored unfastened and away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. I had to be careful with how I stored it to make sure that nothing would get damaged or go wrong with the materials. Luckily, I found an empty room away from the rest of the house and threw in a few blankets to keep it in place.

I also learned that it was important to take steps to keep the doll safe from water and humidity. If water or moisture got past the doll’s protective covering, it could cause several different problems, from drying out the materials or joints, to damaging the motor or electronics. To avoid this yours truly decided to invest in a water-resistant security cover.

Another important point I learned through trial and error was not to stress the doll’s body. If I was too rough while cleaning I could damage it or sex dolls cause unnecessary wrinkles that would affect its look and feel. Be gentle if you want it to last. I also needed to take care to avoid strong smells like perfumes and aftershave, vibrators as they could transfer to the doll and ruin its materials.

Overall, I found that cleaning and storing a sex doll wasn’t very difficult. It just required a bit of common sense and some time for research. Now that I can take care of this little companion properly I can relax and enjoy it for years to come.