Strict Leather Premium Suspension Wrist Cuffs


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These leather cuffs are designed to keep your partner suspended while preventing as much discomfort to the wrists as possible. Made from top quality comfortable leather and are over stuffed with foam so as the weight of person pulls on the cuff it applies pressure evenly. There are 3 locking adjustable straps to ensure a nice tight fit.

Staff Opinion: Out of all the suspension gear I have used, these are my cuffs of choice when I play. This suspension design is unique compared to the traditional cuffs that are loop-shaped. This design provides great support on the wrists and hands, which are subject to the body\’s full weight when fully suspended. I like to use these cuffs for spread eagle play for bed bondage also. It\’s just really comfortable when you pull and squirm.

Measurements: Cuff inner circumference range from 5 to 8 inches

Color: Black
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)/Real Leather
Package: Bag

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