Leather Blindfold with D-Ring


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One of the more creative parts of this blindfold is sitting right between the eyes. That little nickel-plated ring, means you can attach this blindfold to a leash, chain, clamp or any other item you desire. This little ring adds a completely new dimension to how a blindfold can be used during bondage play.
This leather blindfold, which comes from Scott Paul Designs, is a revolutionary bondage device that will give users hours of fun and excitement with bondage play and darkness. The blindfold exterior is made of high quality black leather while the interior is made of black high quality neoprene. The felt helps to keep the blindfold comfortably on the eyes during use. The eye cups allow for blinking without the eyelashes touching.
The blindfold is secured using two buckles (one on each side of the head), these buckles also allow the head strap to be removed for easier storage.
Measurements: The blindfold is 9.5\” long and achieves a maximum width of 4.5\”. The straps are fully-adjustable on either side. The maximum circumference is 28.5\” (with a minimum circumference of 23.25\”. The straps are each 2.75\” wide and the back straps are 2\” apart.
This high-quality blindfold is designed to last a lifetime giving you plenty of pleasurable moments.

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