Deluxe Red/Black Locking Cuffs

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Color: Black + Red
Cuffs Size: 30.5 * 6 cm/12\” * 2.4\”
Ankle Size: 38 * 6 cm/15\” * 2.4\”
Material: PVC(Faux Leather)
Package: Bag
Keep your partner bound and ready for your every move with these locking wrist and ankle cuffs. The cuffs are made of red garmet leather with black reinforced stitching.
These cuffs use a belt buckle locking system, but you can add more security by placing a padlock through the buckle. Now you can be sure that your partner won\’t be able to remove them without the key. There\’s a D-ring so you can attach the cuffs to each other (using a quicklink) or to other bondage gear.

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