mild bruised penis from pump

Well, it all started a few weeks ago.​ I decided to go get a penis pump.​ The pump is meant to help improve an individual’s sexual experience.​ As I was getting the pump, vibrators I informed the shop attendant about my intentions and also asked for his advice.​ He gave me a few instructions on how to use the pump safely, so I followed all his instructions to the letter.​

To my horror, after using the pump twice, I noticed that my penis was slightly bruised.​ I was so upset and terrified by this.​ I was paranoid and kept thinking about what could have gone wrong and what I should do in such a situation.​ I immediately took to the internet to try and get answers to my questions.​ To my surprise, I found out that it wasn’t an uncommon issue and many men had suffered similar consequences after using the pump.​

I started to research and find out what I could do to help ease the pain and bruising from the pump.​ To my fortune, some remedies worked well for me.​ I made sure to immediately apply a cold compress on the affected part, in order to reduce inflammation and numb the pain.​ Additionally, I applied some vitamin E improvised cream directly on the area.​ I was very careful not to apply too much pressure in the area.​

I also took precautions in order to ensure that this situation doesn’t happen again.​ I took a break from using the pump and switched to other alternatives like jelqing and stretching exercises for dildos a couple of weeks.​ With the help of things like those, I still managed to improve the blood flow in my penis, and keep it healthy without having to go through too much pain in the process.​

I also paid attention to my diet, and started incorporating more leafy greens and fruits into my diet plan.​ This helped to speed up the recovery process and it was definitely healthier for me overall too.​ I also made sure to cut down on sugar, fat and processed food.​ Things that weren’t natural and didn’t really contribute anything to my health.​

As I went through all these tips and tricks to get my bruise healed, I realised that with just a few precautions, I could prevent this from happening again.​ While I’m almost completely healed now, I’m still very careful with my penis health.​ I ensure that I’m taking good care of it by applying the necessary remedies whenever I need to.​

I’m a lot smarter and informed than I was when I started with the pump.​ I’m very thankful that I can look out for myself better, and that I go through my journey of restoring my damaged penis health in a better way now.​

I Used a Penis Pump For 30 Days - Here's What HappenedAt this point, I think it’s safe to say that while the pump does work, one must take the necessary precautions and get their health and safety checked before using it.​