male masturbation trough boxers

As my friend, I must share with you my recent experience with male masturbation.​ I must admit, Penis Rings it can be an interesting topic because when it comes to guys, we all like to go our own route when it comes to the matter.​ For me, I found the best way was to wear boxers throughout the whole ordeal.​

It was a very freeing sensation.​ The boxers, for me, allowed the sensation to reach new heights.​ And, it felt a lot better than other methods I had experimented with.​ The best part about it all was the lack of restriction.​ I could move my motions freely yet remain comfortable throughout the entire experience.​

The other great thing I liked about wearing boxers was the lack of clothing.​ Yes, I wanted to pleasure myself, but also I wanted to experience it in the most pleasurable way possible.​ That meant something loose boxers to caress me.​ The sensation that comes with it was unlike anything I had experienced before.​

The boxers just felt natural as if it was the way male masturbation was designed.​ Plus, it’s not like there’s a lack of boxers to choose from.​ On the contrary, the market is flooded with plenty of styles, colors, and materials to fit anyone’s taste.​

It almost felt like a whole new world when I first experienced it with boxers.​ I correct myself: a whole new universe.​ It was definitely one of those moments where it felt worth the wait.​

Of course, I didn’t just sit there idly.​ I did plenty of research before jumping in.​ Everything I encountered was positive and overwhelmingly said that wearing boxers was the way to go when it comes to male masturbation.​

And I definitely didn’t regret it.​ The experience was out of this world.​ And it’s not just me––I know of a few close friends who have high praises for this type of stimulation too.​ Who knows, you might enjoy it as well.​ But, you won’t know until you give it a go, vibrators eh?