lovehoney penis pump

My friend, if you have been looking for a penis pump, let me tell you about one of my recent purchases.​ I opted for the Lovehoney penis pump.​ Guys, vibrators this thing is huge and offers fantastic sensations.​

Initially I was a bit apprehensive.​ I was worried about messing this up and causing harm to myself.​ Nevertheless, I decided to take a risk because I’m always up for trying out new things.​ So I bought this pump and boy, I was glad I did!

Dr. Sommer: PENISRING! Was macht man damit?The first thing I noticed was how smooth it was.​ It didn’t tug, pinch or scrape, which made me utterly relieved.​ This is because the materials used to make it were of high quality, and my skin felt alright.​ I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who had sensitive skin, however if you don’t, the Lovehoney pump is a great purchase.​

Given that the pump was huge, dildos I quickly felt my penis engorged.​ I could even feel it pulsating and expanding, which made me go wild.​ I was able to get into the mood without having to do anything except for pumping it.​ This is great because it gets me ready for the real action in the bedroom.​

Moreover, the pressure of the pump is adjustable and its safety valve prevents excessive pressure.​ This makes sure that I don’t feel pressure outside of my comfort zone.​ This means that I can haul up the pleasure of pumping longer.​

I also love the aesthetic design of this pump.​ It took more than just a few looks for my eyes to adjust to this large girthy design.​ In terms of looks, my eyes were taken by surprise, although they instantly adjusted to the design.​

The next thing I loved about it was its ease of handling.​ I was able to control the pressure with my own hands, allowing me to experience pleasure by my own will.​ Overall, I was really pleased with the ease of handling.​

I must say the Lovehoney penis pump was a great purchase.​ With its large size and adjustable pressure, I can indulge in the pleasure without any worry.​ I highly recommend this product for individuals who are looking for a reliable pump!

I’m thrilled to report that the pump has actually increased my stamina and pleasure.​ I’m now able to last up to twenty minutes longer than usual.​ Not only that, but I’ve noticed an increased flow in blood which makes the sensation better.​

The interior of the pump is made of silicone which allows it to be be both soft and durable.​ Plus, the level of suction can be increased over time, if needed.​ This allows me to gradually build up my stamina but also take it back down if I need to.​

So, you can imagine how important this product has been in my life.​ I’m over the moon with the results I’ve attained with this product.​ I’m both more confident and more exploratory in the bedroom.​

I now even have the courage to introduce other people into our bedroom activities.​ This is because, with increased stamina and flow of blood, things become more pleasurable for me and my partner(s).​ Plus, the Lovehoney pump stimulates my partner as well, which makes things even more enjoyable.​

It’s been a few months since I bought this product and I have to say that I’m so impressed.​ Now I’m able to maintain an erectstate for as long as I need and achieve intense orgasms.​ All thanks to this incredible pump.​