It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. I stumbled across the design for sex doll glasses and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was something I had never heard of before and the concept kind of left me startled. Even though I’m an adult, I wasn’t quite sure whether I should take this creation too seriously or not.

My initial judgement was that it’s a bit of a strange idea but I wanted to know more so I decided to research it further. As it turns out, it’s actually a very real invention. It’s a piece of intelligent technology that works to enhance the experience of having sex with a doll. The glasses allow you to see what the doll sees and basically be “in the moment” or “in someone else’s shoes”.

The glasses have built-in cameras, built-in microphone and speakers and even motion sensors. This allows the user to experience things through the doll’s viewpoint. The glasses can also adjust the pupil size, adjust the focus, and even opacity, so you can filter out the dark background while you’re enjoying yourself.

As strange and bizarre as it might sound, I can appreciate the possibilities of this technology and the implications for our society today. It opens up the possibility of having an experience that can help us relax, reach a higher level of arousal, and in some cases even help us become more connected to our partners.

I also believe that it could potentially help us move away from our habitual tendencies of looking only at our partner’s physical appearance and instead, appreciate them holistically. It might encourage us to focus on the parts of our partners that we rarely get to see, like their inner thoughts or dreams, and in turn become more compassionate and understanding.

Moreover, the idea of sex doll glasses also makes me think about the future of virtual reality and dildos how it could potentially change the way we have sex. It is fascinating to think of the implications of having a virtual partner –no longer do you have to worry about getting hurt or feeling shy –but instead, you can explore new experiences in a safe environment.

It is also quite exciting to think of the potential of technology in general and how it could be used to make our relationships even more powerful. From self-pleasure products like sex dolls to enhanced sex through the use of virtual reality –technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we have sex and may even open the door to sexual exploration that many of us have only ever dreamed of.