It all started when my roommate and I were discussing bizarre toilets we had heard of. I had heard about a train station in Japan that had a robot toilet featuring a lifelike sex doll. At first, it sounded like a joke, but then I started to think maybe it was really a thing!

I had to find out more, so I spent a few days researching the topic. I found out that the automatons look quite realistic. With their synthetic skin material, glass eyes, and wigs, they could easily be mistaken for real humans. It wasn’t just the aesthetics that were far fetched, the dolls had other functions too.

The toilets could hold conversations, make certain facial expressions, and even had heated seats. Some even came equipped with showerheads and douches! As far as practicality went, I was pretty impressed, but the idea of using a doll as a toilet was just a little too weird for my comfort.

My friend disagreed; she thought it was a great idea. She said if you were travelling alone, it’s kind of nice to have some company in the bathroom. I could see where she was coming from. After all, sometimes it’s nice to chat while doing our business.

On the other hand, I couldn’t get over the fact that it was a sex doll. On the news, I heard stories of people turning them on and having lewd conversations in the restroom. It made me think twice about ever using one. I mean, it’s one thing to use a toilet that looks like a robot, it’s another thing entirely to use one that looks like a real person!

That got me thinking: if you can use a robot to do your business, why not the real thing? It turns out there are people who offer such services. They call themselves ‘toilet-slaves’ and they specialize in providing ‘toilet service’.

At first, I was a bit taken aback. I mean, having a person provide a toilet service seemed a bit too much. But on second thought, I realized it could be quite a convenient and comforting for many who struggle with disabilities and hygiene issues.

Besides, Penis Rings it’s not too different from hiring people for dildos intimate services such as massage and spa treatments. After all, everyone deserves to be able to do their business with dignity and privacy.

There are a few obstacles still in the way of the sex doll toilets becoming mainstream. For one, they are still quite expensive both to purchase and maintain. Plus, there are still many social and moral issues surrounding the idea of using them.

But I guess you never know what the future might bring. Maybe someday we’ll be able to use the dolls for more than just entertainment. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.