I’m sure you’ve heard about the 18 year old sex dolls circulating the internet lately. I couldn’t believe it when I first stumbled upon them.I was totally appalled.How could anyone find something like this even remotely acceptable?

I remember when I was in middle school exploring the internet and wanting to always stay up-to-date with the ‘cooler news’. Little did I know that such news articles existed! Why would someone even want to purchase a lifelike sex doll made to resemble an 18 year old?

The item description on the sites read something like “realistic, lifelike and perfect for someone looking to experience different tastes in pleasure”.I think that is just so wrong! To think that a person is using a– essentially, a child’s–body for Penis Rings sexual pleasure is incredibly disturbing.

What kind of message are we sending when we allow these types of products to be sold in the market? It’s as if people are saying it’s okay to use someone’s body for pleasure. The thought of someone taking advantage of a child’s body in this way is unimaginable!

Not to mention the fact that the dolls are priced very expensively. Is it really wise to invest so much money in something that resembles a child? I’d much rather spend my money on something more meaningful–maybe even a charity donation!

Although a lot of people think it’s okay to purchase such 18 year old sex dolls, I for one think it’s wrong and morally inappropriate. No child should ever have their body used for someone else’s pleasure. It’s just wrong on so many levels.

I think society needs to realise its wrong and take a stand against it. It’s not something that should be accepted. We should be encouraging people to respect each other’s body and not use it for Penis Rings their own pleasure.

As if the fact that it’s illegal in some countries isn’t enough, the fact that they resemble 18 year olds should be enough to be put people off. How could anyone actually normalise such a thing?

It’s hard to believe that such products even exist.We need to put a stop to it and draw a definite line between right and wrong. This just goes to show how low our society has sunk and how little regard can be found for the human body.