I’m sure everyone has heard about a discrete male masturbator – and they seem like a great thing! But what actually is it and are they really worth the money? Well, let me tell you, I recently tried one out, and it completely changed the way I view pleasure!

First off, Penis Rings a discrete male masturbator is basically a sex toy that is designed to fit comfortably in your hand while you stimulate yourself.​ When I say discrete, I mean it – it doesn’t show up on your credit card statement like other sex toys do and it’s not a huge announcement when you take it from the store.​ It can easily fit in a pocket or backpack, and no one would ever be the wiser.​

I was really curious to try one, and when I did – it was one of those “wow” moments.​ I got a surge of pleasure whilst using it, and it was so intense! I never felt anything like that before, and the sensation stayed with me for a while.​ I guess it was the combination of the vibration and that little bit of extra attention to the tip of the toy.​ It took me to a whole new level of pleasure – and I can see why so many people are going mad for these little discreet gems.​

Another great thing about them is that they are easily adjustable.​ I had no difficulty in making sure the settings were just right for my preference – so I could achieve that peak pleasure I wanted.​ I love that I can move the toy around with no drama.​ That way, I don’t have to rely on one particular movement which can get tiring after a while.​

Another plus is that it’s waterproof – so I can bring it in the shower with me if I feel like getting a bit of extra stimulation.​ I’m definitely no stranger to a wild shared shower session with my partner, so this is ideal.​ That kind of foreplay definitely gets my engine running.​

The continuous vibration means that I’m not taking breaks or have to change the position constantly.​ I can just enjoy the intensity of the sensation – which I think is really important because everyone’s going to have a different feeling for it.​

Speaking of intensity – the power behind the discrete male masturbator is really surprising.​ I had expected it to be a little bit weaker than it actually is – but boy was I truly blown away.​ It was strong enough that I could feel my legs shaking and my FACE TIGHTENING! Wow!

Finally, the design is very ergonomic.​ It’s shaped in such a way that it curves perfectly around my body, allowing for natural and effortless movement.​ Plus, it fits really nicely in my hand – so there’s no worries on that front.​

All in all, I would say that a discrete male masturbator is really one of the best investments I’ve ever made.​ Not only does it give me a boost of pleasure, but it also provides the kind of tension that I’ve been looking for.​ Sure, it might be a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it – you get what you pay for after all.​ I feel like I have a whole lot more control over my pleasure – and I’m grateful for that.​

Now that I have experienced how great this toy is, I feel more confident when it comes to pleasure.​ I no longer focus solely on me, but also about my partners too! I’m more aware of how I’m feeling and can communicate that to my partners, and they can give me what I need accordingly.​ It’s an amazing feeling and I’m no longer scared to truly explore my sexuality.​

In addition, I’m also able to confidently talk about pleasure with my friends.​ I feel no shame in talking about what I’m interested in or what new techniques I am currently exploring.​ This is a huge shift compared to how I felt about talking about pleasure before – I felt embarrassed and ashamed.​

At the end of the day, a discrete male masturbator is a confidence booster.​ Not only did it help me feel more confident about pleasure, but it also allowed me to explore new dimensions of pleasure that I never thought were possible.​ I’m really happy with the results and can confidently say that this is an amazing product that I would definitely recommend!