I recently discovered something called a male masturbator boob.​ Ever since then, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.​ Believe me, it’s nothing like you’ve probably ever seen before!

For starters, I think it’s pretty icky.​ I mean, what kind of guy would ever want to touch something so artificial? It’s funny, but kind of gross at the same time.​ They look pretty realistic, but seriously, what’s the point? What kind of weirdo actually buys one of these?

Anyway, I’ve heard that male masturbator boobs are becoming increasingly popular with guys who just don’t feel comfortable being intimate with a real partner.​ Maybe it’s easier for them to just get off with some kind of artificial device like this, but it still kind of weirds me out.​ Why would you want to use a fake when you could be with someone who cares about you?

At the same time, I can’t help but wonder why someone would choose to purchase one of these.​ It might be a way to spice up solo bedroom time, Penis Rings for sure.​ I guess there are even some kits out there that let you customize the size and shape of the boob.​ That’s curious to me.​ Still, why would the texture of an artificial breast be an appealing experience? I’m sure it wouldn’t feel like touching a real one.​

The concept of male masturbator vibrators boobs kind of baffles me.​ I can’t help but scratch my head, wondering why anyone would purchase something like this.​ To me, this is just a waste of money.​ Sure, maybe it’s a way to satisfy yourself if you can’t be with someone else, but I just don’t get it.​

What’s really bizarre to me is that you can even get ones with nipples and little extra bits of ‘flesh’ to make them look more lifelike.​ It’s like these companies are going out of their way to make money by tapping into men’s weird fetishes.​ To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about that.​

Big Eyes Lucky Doll Adult Sex Doll For Men 3d Pure Face Sexy Anus Vagina Mouth Sex Dolls Price ...I mean, I get that there can be something kind of sexy about playing with a male masturbator boob, but I’m still not sold.​ For me, it’s just too weird.​ I’d rather have an intimate connection with a real person any day.​ That’s real human pleasure.​ Anything else just looks like a pale imitation.​