I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about sex doll assholes. We were talking about this whole sex doll craze that has been going on lately and wondering what all the hype was about. I had heard bits and pieces about sex dolls but was clueless when it came to the specifics, especially the part about their assholes.

My friend filled me in on exactly what assholes a sex doll could have, and I was taken aback by just how vast the options seem to be. She informed me that sex dolls can have a traditional butt hole like that of a human partner, or they can come with a special detachable anus that is more adjustable and accessible. When I heard this, I realized that sex dolls aren’t just plain sexual objects; they’re actually tools that can be used to enhance the sexual experience.

When you factor in how realistic they feel and how meticulously designed they can get, it’s no wonder why this trend is still exploding. And to think someone actually puts their time and energy into making an artificial asshole for a sex doll? It’s something that’s left me scratching my head.

What’s more is that some of these assholes have vibrations embedded in them. I mean, it’s like I’m the one who’s dreaming this stuff up. Seriously, where is the line here? I thought technology already reached its peak when Microsoft first launched its “Surface Book” but this takes it to a whole new level.

Plus, you have to think about how the different textures and the sizes of these sex doll assholes are made. My friend mentioned that there are some assholes designed for women and some for men; each is differently shaped and sized to fit the user’s preference. This, in itself, suggests the level of detail and importance sex companies are putting into their product.

But as incredible as the option of having a sex doll asshole might seem, I was also reminded that they can be quite costly. Based on my friend’s experience, sex doll assholes can range anywhere from a hundred to eight hundred dollars. So if you’re on the hunt for one, be sure to set aside some extra cash.

After discussing all the pros and cons of having a sex doll asshole, I had to remind my friend and myself how far technology has come, and to be mindful of how it can be used. What still strikes me as odd, however, is the obsession behind stuffed animals and sex toys – and now a hype around sex dolls and their assholes. I can’t help but wonder how it impacts the way humans interact with one another.

I then asked my friend if he would ever consider buying a sex doll with an asshole, and he said that he wouldn’t. For him, being with a real person would do more justice to his sexual fantasies than a mechanical one. He agreed that the idea of a sex doll asshole was incredibly wild, but in the end opted to draw the line.


From conversation to contemplation, I started to think of the bigger picture surrounding sex dolls – and the implications behind them.

My biggest question was why people were so fascinated with these dolls that costed an arm and a leg? It didn’t take me long to come up with an answer: sexual pleasure and experimenting with different options. After all, not everyone has access to a partner, or wants access to one.

As for the assholes in particular, it comes as no surprise that many people enjoy experimenting with anal sex. When it comes to the idea of a sex doll asshole, the main difference is that it is created soulfully, taking into account all the technologies of today.


The sex doll assholes of today seem to exude this incredible finish that is usually found in exotic one-of-a-kind ‘toys’. They come with a fully customized package – meaning that ‘parts’ can be chosen to fit the user’s preference. Everything from leather textures to metal vibrators can be embedded in the material of the sex doll assholes.


Wow – what a concept! Embedded with sounds, lights, and interesting patterns, vibrators having a sex doll asshole can feel like a whole new experience.


And I’m sure pleasing and being pleased by these assholes is like eating through a storm of flavor – a flavor that can’t be replicated by any other object.


The possibility of a sex doll asshole has definitely become a potential session for exploration. It’s said that these assholes feel so real, it’s like you’re having a real-life erotic encounter. Some even take this a step further and create assholes with multiple boundaries that unlock another level of feeling, making for an even more lifelike experience.


When I asked my friend to tell me his wildest sex doll asshole stories, he revealed that he had heard of these assholes being filled with different toys. Imagine entering a room and seeing a sex doll lying on the bed with an ass full of colorful and vibrating stimulations, he said – that’s something you can’t unsee.


I now understand why this topic is causing a “stir” in the world of sex, with more people wanting to try out its vast capabilities. And with the way technology is moving, soon enough there will be no doubt in my mind that no sexual fantasy is off limits.


While I still find something like sex doll assholes hard to process, I can genuinely appreciate its beauty and the convenience it provides for those who aren’t necessarily fans of intimacy. I think it’s fascinating how assholes can be designed in a way that gives pleasure and pleasure seekers some peace of mind.