I have to be honest: I’ve often indulged in a bit of self satisfaction.​ It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but it’s not like I’m doing anything wrong either.​ Not too long ago, I was browsing the web looking for something to watch, when I came across a video titled: ‘Solo Male Masturbation and Cum’.​ I’m still blushing just by thinking about it, but I couldn’t help myself – and decided to take a peek.​

As soon as I started watching, I realized this was something far from what I usually watch.​ It was wild, it was intense, and it was just about as real as it gets.​ The guy in the video seemed to be utterly in his own world; pleasure consuming him.​ It was then that I truly understood the power of masturbation – it can be a mind-altering experience, and this video was a perfect proof of that.​

It was a bit embarrassing, watching a video like that so publicly, but the moment the guy in the video had an explosive orgasm – it all added up.​ I felt like I was witnessing something unique, something special, and something that shouldn’t be underestimated.​ I was also extremely aroused and I found myself wishing I could achieve such a strong pleasure from my own hand.​

As I kept watching, still mesmerized by the experience, I was then struck by the reality of it all.​ This man in the video was human just like me, Penis Rings and so many people’s walls of shame have kept them from experiencing such pleasure.​ Even though the video almost seemed like a piece of art in itself, It didn’t just represent self-pleasure – but the power of exploring every inch of your body in order to obtain pleasure.​

The video really hit me hard.​ I started to contemplate how much pleasure I was leaving undiscovered – how little I was accepting my own body and how denying my masturbation was actually denying myself of pleasure.​ Seeing the loving and devoted way in which this man in the video was experiencing pleasure made me think, and it was almost like he was saying: “There’s nothing wrong about it, just give it a shot and you might just unlock something more than you assumed.​”

I took some time to myself afterwards and had a long thinking session.​ I started to think about my own masturbation.​ I thought about the ways I can use it to experience ultimate pleasure, but also to explore and acknowledge my own body.​ I thought about the ways it can make me build a better relationship with my own sexuality, and lastly, I thought about the ways it makes me feel pleasure – and pleasure on its own is something that everyone should be comfortable with.​

Now, whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take some time for myself and indulged in a bit of self pleasure.​ It’s powerful and it helps me take back control – and I’m grateful for that.​ Sure, it doesn’t always come easy, Penis Rings but it’s a journey and an experience I’m willing to embark on.​

Aside from discovering pleasure in an intimate way, I’m even more open to what self pleasure has to offer.​ I’ve started to realize the importance of masturbation in terms of emotional stability and it’s empowering.​ It helps me take a timeout from my hectic schedule and connect with myself more intimately.​ And no matter how difficult it might be, I’m always down for a little pleasure-seeking.​

Sometimes I just need to lay in bed and focus on my own body and what it needs.​ It’s liberating.​ Knowing that your body is capable of self satisfaction and the pleasure it brings is something to be celebrated – and it’s okay to be solo sometimes.​ We are all allowed to take care of ourselves and experience pleasure without judgement.​ I’m a hundred percent sure that everyone should take the opportunity to experience the pleasure solo male masturbation can offer.​