how to make sex toy cleaner

Wow, did you hear the news? Apparently, you can make your own sex toy cleaner at home! I was in utter disbelief at first, but then I started thinking, why not? I mean, if you’re serious about keeping your fun in the bedroom hygienic, then why not try it? Better yet, why not try and make it yourself?

So I began to look up recipes, tips and tricks online to see what I could put together. I quickly realized that the main ingredients for making a sex toy cleaner are pretty simple. Usually some basic household items do the trick, such as dish soap, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or tea tree oil. As far as supplies go, a bottle of dish soap, dildos some rubbing alcohol, and vinegar are all you really need. If you want to get fancy, you can add some tea tree oil for some extra antibacterial power.

Next up, I had to create the mixture. For every one part dish soap, you combine it with one part tea tree oil and four parts rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, if you don’t have any tea tree oil on hand, you can combine one part dish soap, vibrators three parts vinegar, and four parts rubbing alcohol. Either of these combinations will get your toys squeaky clean in no time.

As far as how to actually use the mixture, the instructions are simple. You just pour the solution into a spray bottle and then spray it directly onto the toy. Once the toy is sufficiently coated, use a cloth to wipe it down and then rinse it off. For tougher spots, you can let the solution sit for a few minutes and then use a gentle scrub brush. After rinsing everything off, it’s important to let the toy dry completely before storing it away.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about making my own sex toy cleaner, but I can honestly say I’m pretty impressed with the results. Not only is it a lot cheaper than buying an off the shelf cleaner, but I know for certain that the mixture is made with all natural ingredients, so I’m not putting anything toxic onto my toys.

Using my homemade sex toy cleaner was also surprisingly easy. Sure, it took a few steps to put together, but the cleaning itself was a breeze. Plus, it felt good to put together something that was safe to use and still get the job done.

I’m really glad I took the time to make my own sex toy cleaner. I mean, I could have gone the old fashioned route and just used warm water and soap, but this way I know I’m doing the extra diligence of making sure my toys are free of bacteria. Not to mention, I’m saving a bunch of money too!