how to make male masturbator

Wow that was a lot to read! But let me tell you how to make a male Masturbator.​

First of all, you will need some materials to work with.​ You can get the basic components from the hardware store, or you can make them with some basic fabrication tools.​ To keep things simple, I would suggest going to the store and getting some PVC piping, duct tape, a couple of screws, and some rubber bands.​ That should give you everything you need to make a basic male Masturbator.​

Now that you have the materials, you can start constructing your Masturbator.​ Start by cutting the PVC pipes into the desired length and shape.​ Next, drill holes down the length of the pipes for the screws.​ Once the holes are drilled, wrap the duct tape around the entire circumference of the pipes to keep them securely in place.​ You can also add rubber bands for extra security if you desire.​

Once all your components are fastened together, it’s time to make the interior of the Male Masturbator.​ It’s best to use some kind of water-based lubricant on the inside of the Masturbator for the most comfortable use.​ For this step, it’s best to use a moisture-proof silicone lubricant and make sure to spread it evenly.​

Now that you have your Masturbator built, it’s time to put it to the test! Lube your hand well with the silicone lubricant and slide your finger inside the Masturbator.​ Move slowly to avoid any discomfort.​ You can experiment with different speeds, angles, and intensity to see what works best for you.​ You can also use the Masturbator Penis Rings with a partner, sex dolls either one who is or isn’t present at the time.​

Once you are done experimenting and enjoying yourself, it’s time for the cleanup! Always make sure to remove the silicone lubricant before cleaning the Masturbator.​ Clean it with a damp cloth to remove any debris.​ You can store the Masturbator in any location that is room temperature, and away from any direct sunlight or moisture.​

So there you have it! Now you know how to make your own Male Masturbator.​ Have fun and enjoy!