how to cast custom dildos

How to Cast Custom Dildos

You know, I was never into sex toys until some friends of mine got hold of custom dildos that they had molded out of their own bodies. They told me how it would be so much better to have a dildo that was made from your own body shape and size. I was both excited and a little apprehensive about trying this, but I got inspired by their enthusiasm and decided to give it a try.

My first step was to find the right type of moldable material. I read up about silicone and alginate, both of which are manufactured for the purpose of creating casts and molds. The advantage of using these types of materials is that they fit very tightly and snugly against your body shape, making the cast and the toy very accurate. After having a look around, I settled on a silicone casting kit as my preferred option since it would be easier for me to use.

Next up was the fun part – actually creating the cast of my body. I had invited a friend over to help me and warned them of how ticklish the experience would probably be! It was a strangely intimate thing to do, but we had a lot of laughs and giggles as we massaged the silicone into my body parts. I was surprised at how accurately the silicone captured my body, right down to the smallest details of the bumps and hollows.

After that was done, I just had to wait for the silicone to set and then I carefully peeled it away – it was a moment of anxious anticipation! I was overwhelmed by the satisfaction of seeing the finished product. It had miraculously taken the shape of my body!

The next choice that I had to make was what to do with the cast that I had just made. Initially I was a little unsure of what would be the best material to use for making the dildo. I did a bit of research and finally chose a mixture of silicone and Paraloid which seemed to be the most suitable option available. After mixing the two together in the precise way that the instructions advised me, I set the mixture into the cast.

Once I had done this, I popped the dildo into the oven and put it through the required hardening process. After a few hours, I packed it out and allowed it to cool just to make sure that it would set properly. It was exciting to finally see the result. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the dildo had perfectly adapted to the features of my body shape. It was almost like having a mini version of my body!

The only thing left to do now was to give the toy a good test run. I was a bit nervous at first, but in no time I was enjoying myself and found that it was amazing to have a toy that was custom made and completely unique to me.

Now I’ve gotten quite into custom dildos, and I’m always looking to buy new materials and try out new recipes and combos. I’ve started talking to some of my friends who also want to make their own casts and it’s been really fun to swap ideas and tricks on how best to go about it. It’s such a satisfying thing to do – and now I’m even pondering whether to make a dildo out of chocolate next!

That’s pretty much my journey with custom dildos so far. What do you think – would you be up for giving it a go too? I’m sure you’ll love it!