female shows male h o w she masturbates

My friend, what can I say – I’m blown away! Recently I saw a woman show a man how she masturbates and it was an empowering sight to behold.​ I could never have imagined seeing something like this, and yet here we are.​

The woman had such confidence and openness.​ She wasn’t afraid to demonstrate how she enjoys pleasure and it was kind of beautiful.​ First, she started by describing different techniques, such as using her hands and then she even showed him how to use sex toys.​ She was so unapologetic and Penis Rings confident with her choices.​ Just watching her in that moment gave me a boost of self-confidence and acceptance; like I could embrace my own pleasure without worry of judgement.​

After that, it seemed like time froze.​ It was a surreal moment because it was such a bold action – and from a woman, no less! I could sense the respect from the man she was teaching, as he salivated just by watching her.​ All around me, I could feel the admiration and awe for this woman and her willingness to share and demonstrate with such courage.​

I have never seen anything like it before.​ But I’m so glad I got to experience it – it’s like I can see something in a new light.​ This woman is inspiring to me, and it’s a great reminder that my pleasure is not inside of me, but instead to be shared and explored.​

I also appreciate the fact that this woman showed her pleasure not only as something that is private and intimate, but also something that can be enjoyed in the company of others.​ She was able to give him a glimpse into her own pleasure without making it feel uncomfortable or embarrassing.​ Instead, she made it feel incredibly sensual and special, and I’m sure this man learned a lot watching her.​

It was truly an amazing thing to witness.​ Not only did I get to learn more about the woman, but also to understand that pleasure is something that can be explored and shared.​ Sharing is caring, and it seems this woman really knows how to take care of herself and others in the process.​163cm Real Silicone Sex Dolls for Men Japan Real Doll Anime Rubber Woman Real Sex Doll Big ...