does boiling sex toys get rid of stds

Boiling sex toys?

“Well, that’s a topic I didn’t expect to be talking about today!”, I chuckled as I leaned back in my chair. I was talking to my friend, who had recently picked up a sex toy online and was concerned about possible STD contamination. She had asked about the best way to clean her toy, and if she should consider boiling it.

At first, dildos I was initially taken aback at the thought of a boiling sex toys – I wasn’t sure whether it was a good idea at all! I admit, I know next to nothing when it comes to sex toys – there’s not much call for discussing them with my circle of friends – so I did some research instead.

The first thing I discovered was that boiling sex toys can actually work in getting rid of some STDs. According to an expert website on the matter, boiling toys made of silicone, rubber, glass, and metal for 10 minutes or longer can get rid of three kinds of bacteria that can cause the transmission of STDs.

But I wasn’t content with just that – I pressed on. To provide the most accurate answer for my friend, I had to also consider other factors like the material of the toy, how often they use it, or the kind of toy it was. After all, not all sex toys are made from the same materials (it seems there’s a whole host of different kinds of materials available!), and different materials require different methods of cleaning.

So, at the end of that rather long research process, I gave my friend my advice: if the sex toy in question is made of a material that can be boiled, then it can be considered as a way to kill off the aforementioned bacteria; on the other hand, if it is made of a material that cannot be boiled, then using other methods such as chemical cleaning instead might be a better idea.

Ultimately, it’s up to the person handling the sex toy to decide the right method of cleaning it. Boiling sex toys can work, but only if certain conditions are met. I don’t recommend boiling sex toys as an automatic solution to STD contamination, but it is an option for those who understand the necessary considerations and weigh their risks carefully.

Every story has a beginning, and my own in this case was finding out about boiling sex toys. That led to several other questions which needed answering, such as how to determine if a sex toy can be boiled, what kind of materials are used for sex toys, and what other methods of cleaning could be used instead. To find the answers, I had to do my research, which I managed to do after combing through the internet for vibrators the right information.

I was also able to confirm that boiling sex toys can help in getting rid of some STDs, but I was also careful to stipulate what kinds of sex toys can be boiled as well as the specific instructions for boiling. Finally, I reminded my friend that it’s ultimately up to her to decide what cleaning method to choose, but it has to be based on an informed decision – one that only she can make after she understands her own risks and properly considers the material her sex toy is made of.

What I learned along the way is that boiling sex toys is a method, but it’s certainly not a magic solution. It can be used, sure, but only if used the right way. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this, so folks like my friend need to research and educate themselves in order to make the right call.