danish art project dead sex doll

I recently heard about a new art project which featured dead sex dolls. Initially, I was taken aback and horrified at how anybody could want to bring something so morbid into a public art display. So naturally, I had to investigate further and get a better understanding of the project.

Upon visiting the site and doing some research, I learned that the art project was organized by the Danish group Spoiled Sculptures, and that their intention was to use dead sex dolls to express the issue of objectification of women in our culture. Through this project, Penis Rings they were hoping to bring awareness to how women are continuously sexualized and seen as disposable.

I couldn’t believe that something as controversial as a dead sex doll could even be used in an artistic manner, but upon further exploration, I came to appreciate the underlying message it sends. As a woman, it’s truly sickening to think of how many women have been commodified and seen as objects of pleasure for men. The dead sex dolls served to portray the oppression and I was inspired that Spoiled sculptures was taking a stance against it.

The project was also well-received by people in the art community, and many especially commended the creativity of the project. For me, seeing how an art project like this was so well-received made me feel hopeful recognizing that people are able to recognize art for it’s deeper meaning and not only for its shock value.

At the same time, the project also stirred a lot of debate and criticism. Some people were of the opinion that using dead sex dolls portrayed a negative image of women and would conger up false impressions surrounding the feminine sexual experience.

In exploring the whole debate surrounding using dead sex dolls in art projects, sex toys I honestly think that creative expression should never be limited. It’s precisely this type of art projects that can spark discussions and open people’s eyes about issues that would otherwise be overlooked.