colt mighty mouth 30-function power stroker male masturbator

My buddy recently bought a Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator and he has not stopped gushing about it since.​ I laughed when he first showed it off to us as it seemed quite absurd and definitely not the type of tool we were used to seeing around.​ But, he kept talking about it, and it made me curious enough to take a closer look.​

To my surprise, I was intrigued.​ It isn’t like any other masturbation tool out there.​ I mean, it looks different, it totally feels different, and gives a totally different sensation.​ That’s why I had to get one for myself.​

The first thing I noticed is that the vibration patterns are really powerful.​ I could definitely feel each rhythm and they were all distinctively different from the one before.​ Even the lower-speed vibrations seemed to be more intense than ones I had experienced in the past.​ Clearly, this Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator means business.​

Next, I noticed the texture.​ It was almost as if my penis was receiving a massage.​ I loved how every touch felt.​ The material felt soft and comfortable and each time it would move I would feel incredibly stimulated.​ My friends had told me that it felt different, but I couldn’t have imagined just how great it would be.​

It also came with a host of features that I was unaware of.​ It had 30 modes of stimulation – each one delivers something different from the last – and a wireless remote control too.​ It was like a mini-vacation of pleasure and I literally found myself rolled up in a towel after every session.​

I suppose at the end of the day, what struck me the most is that Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator can be both incredibly fun and relaxing.​ It offers a level of pleasure that is out of this world.​ It is both discreet and powerful and I can attest that it will not disappoint you.​

To sum up, the Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator is one awesome way to explore and enjoy one’s sexuality.​ It is a great tool to have when looking to discover the full capabilities of your sexual capabilities.​ Heck, it has even gotten me hooked!


The Mighty Mouth’s secret is its revolutionary 30 functions that seem to have been designed to completely immerse the user in exquisite pleasure.​ There are powerful waves that travel through the entire shaft to induce incredible and sex dolls unmatched satisfaction.​ The ergonomic design makes it fit perfectly in the hand while offering a comfortable, enjoyable experience.​

The Mighty Mouth also comes with a sleek, hand-held remote control that gives me total control over the intensity and the patterns of vibration.​ It can be set to low, medium and high which allows me to experiment or to adjust the stimulation as needed.​ The remote is also wire-free, making the whole experience even more liberating.​

Most notable about this toy is how easy it is to clean and maintain.​ It is made of silicone so no special cleaners are necessary and I can be assured that any bacteria isn’t likely to live in its crevices – bonus!

I won’t lie that when I first saw this Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator I was skeptical.​ It seemed almost too good to be true.​ But, the more I use it, the more I realize that it is worth every penny.​ I mean, it truly makes every second you spend with it worthwhile.​

Furthermore, I have found that I’m mentally far more Creative and attentive after a session.​ In some strange way, it almost works like a meditative and exhilarating mind and body massage that fills me with positive energy and creativity! How’s that for feeling more alive?


It’s not hard to understand why everyone’s been raving about the Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator.​ It seems to be the perfect companion for those who seek a powerful and satisfying experience.​ From its incredible functions, comfortable design to its wireless remote control feature, this tool certainly adds an extra level of fun and stimulating pleasure to your solo experience.​

Besides, with its ability to be comfortable in your hand while providing multiple modes of powerful stimulation, it is easy to lose yourself in the moment and venture down the wild and wonderful paths of pleasure that this toy has to offer.​

Not only that but, it also comes with a velvet carrying pouch, making it easier to take it with me wherever I go.​ I’m already itching to pack it and take it with me on holiday.​

In my own personal experience, I would say that the Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator totally changed the way I thought about sex toys.​ I’m now confident in exploring more and more of my body which makes me feel empowered and in control.​

I love the fact that I can experiment with all the different vibration patterns and speeds.​ Each one seems to take me on a mind-blowing adventure.​ Regardless of the moment I’m reaching for, the Colt Mighty Mouth is sure to deliver.​


Another great thing about the Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator is that it is totally discreet and highly portable, which makes it ideal for either solo or shared pleasure.​ With the easy-to-clean and waterproof exterior, you can feel safe and confident that you can bring it anywhere.​

The one thing that I love the most is the all-encompassing pleasure that it provides.​ I know that once I become subsumed in the sensation, I’m always able to release tension and enjoy a delightful experience.​

Notably, my solo sessions with this toy have been some of my most interesting and enjoyable.​ I’m now able to keep up with the latest trends in masturbation and receive an equal measure of pleasure from the sensual experience.​

Additionally, I love the convenience that comes with the Colt Mighty Mouth.​ It is powered by regular batteries and the rechargeable cord, so you can choose which works best for you.​ Moreover, since I put the remote down, I’m able to take the experience to a level that I never thought was possible.​

All in all, the Colt Mighty Mouth 30-Function Power Stroker Male Masturbator is a perfect and affordable way to explore and discover my own sexuality.​ If you’re not quite sure about adding a toy to your bedroom routine, then I would definitely recommend giving this one a go as it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.​