I remember the day when my best friend told me about sex dolls. At first, I thought it sounded like a preposterous concept – how can something man-made ever close to the real deal? I had a lot of questions about it and that’s when I realised that the topic of sex dolls is much more complex than I thought. It begs the question, ‘are sex dolls like adultery?’

I began to do some research to make sense of things. Firstly, the idea of purchasing a sex doll can be seen as an emotional betrayal. After all, it is closely related to cheating on your spouse or partner. People may even argue that it is worse than cheating because it involves actually physically engaging with the doll. Secondly, a sex doll can fulfill all sorts of fantasies that two people in a committed relationship may not be able to or be willing to do. The level of excitement and pleasure that these dolls can provide to a person can be seen as something that a real person can not compete with, and can make the person become so attached to it that it becomes an addiction.

It is definitely true that sex dolls can come with their own sets of challenges. For example, a sex doll doesn’t possess any emotional or psychological capabilities and can, therefore, be viewed as a mere product for pleasure and convenience. It also doesn’t substitute the human interaction that is often necessary for a healthy and intimate relationship. That being said, some people claim that a sex doll is just a substitute for what they already have missing in their lives.

After considering both sides of the argument I came to the personal belief that sex dolls are in no way like adultery. I understand that the issue is quite controversial and I recognise that there are a few arguments that can be used to support the idea that sex dolls are a form of adultery, yet I don’t believe that this is the case.

In my opinion, sex toys sex dolls do not come close to taking the place of an actual human being. They cannot provide emotional intimacy or genuine companionship which are two very important components of a successful and healthy relationship. It is true that there are some people that use these dolls as a way to cope with loneliness, however this does not mean that they should be seen as a form of cheating.

Moreover, when someone decides to cheat on their partner, what really takes place is a breach of trust which is something that can not be experienced with a sex doll. Cheating is an action that comes with a lot of emotional and psychological consequences, while owning a sex doll does not have the same repercussions.

Given all the above, it is clear that sex dolls are different from adultery and should never be used as replacements for meaningful relationships. They can however be used as safe and enjoyable forms of pleasure, providing pleasure without emotional attachment whatsoever.