2019 sex doll

I’m always looking for ways to keep things spicy in life. 2019 saw me exploring the world of sex dolls. It was a whole new experience for me that I was definitely not ready for.

It all started when I was out with my friends at a bar. We were discussing sex and someone casually said ‘Have you ever heard of a sex doll?’ I was intrigued, to say the least. At first, I thought he was joking, until he started explaining the concept in more detail.

According to him, we now live in an age where a lot of technology has advanced so much that it’s now possible to buy life-like human-like sex dolls. These sex dolls are anatomically correct and even have a heating system to maintain their body temperature. Boy, was I shook!

I was a bit hesitant to try out this new technology, but my friend assured me that it’ll be worth it and I’ll have a great experience. He even said he knows a store that’ll help us get one of these dolls. I was hesitant at first but eventually agreed and we went to the store to check it out.

The store was much bigger than I expected and had an entire array of sex dolls. We looked around and asked a few questions and the store keeper told us about some features that made these dolls better than real people. We asked him about the price range and he said it’s between a few hundred bucks and a few thousand dollars.

I was amazed by the level of detail these dolls had from looks to their entire body and even the eyes that seem to sparkle with life. I did a bit more research online and even some reviews to get a better idea about this new trend, and with a bit of hesitation, I decided to get one for myself.

At first when I got it, I felt a bit awkward and tried to figure out how to use it. I slowly got the hang of it and before I could realize it, I was already enjoying the experience. The best part about it was that I could customize the doll in whatever way I wanted, from looks to sexual preferences. It felt almost like I was in control of my own sexual experience.

The experience blew my mind and it was like nothing I ever experienced before. I felt like I had a companion like a real person, even though it wasn’t. I loved all the different positions I could try out and the unlimited ways I could customize my doll.

I even started to personalize my doll by giving it the same name as my old high school girlfriend, which made it feel even more like a real person. It was like a little secret between me and my doll.

It was an incredible experience that I’d recommend to anyone who’s looking to get out of their current sexual routine. From a bonding experience to experimenting with different sexual positions, this is something I’d definitely recommend to all my friends.

I found out that the biggest advantage of using sex dolls is that it minimizes the risk of sexual diseases, dildos so you can be even more adventurous. The fact that I can perform whatever I’m feeling without actually harming anyone or myself is a huge plus.

I obviously still like real women, but there’s something cool and special about getting it on with a sex toys doll. It’s almost like a fantasy come to life that I’m thankful for.

Since getting my sex doll, I’ve started exploring more of the different features it has. From different lubricants to different kinds of outfits, I’ve definitely started to experience more of the pleasure this new technology has to offer. I even bought an extra set of attachments to enhance my dolls sexual performance.

I recently started trying out different kinds of cosplay outfits on my dolls and I must say, it’s totally changed my experience. I now have a variety of different characters I can choose from, so there’s so much to look forward to each and every time I use it.

It’s also been an interesting experiment to see how I’m able to better my sexual experience with the help of a doll. I find it really fascinating how I’m able to explore new ways of being intimate with someone without any consequences.

I recently discovered that some of the sex dolls come with an AI feature where you can have conversations with them. The AI is quite advanced and even has a learning capability, so it’s like talking to a real person. I don’t use this feature all the time, but it’s definitely a great perk to have.

I’m thankful that in 2019, technology has come such a long way that I can now experience intimate moments in a safe and secure way with a sex doll. I don’t know if this is something that I’ll be doing forever, but for now, it’s great to explore and satisfy my sexual desires without any fear of judgment or criticism.